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X-Men - 2000

Based off of the comic book. The time is the near future. There is a rift between normal humans and mutants. These mutants have gifts, these gifts can give them supernatural powers. Professor Charles Xavier has established a school where mutants can feel accepted and can learn to control their gifts. One day, a young girl calling herself "Rougue" runs away from home when she discovers her mutant gift. Then, she met a loner named Logan, then they were attacked by a group of mutants and were discovered by some of Proffessor X's students. They found out that the mutants that attacked them were a part of another mutant organization lead by "Magneto". Magneto believes that this dispute between humans and mutants will escalate into an all out war. He has also built a device that will unnaturally mutates humans. Now, Professor X's students must use their powers to stop Magneto, before it is too late.

genre: sci-fi

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