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mandarin movies - ordered by this week's best ratings - starting with letter O - from 1900 to 2014:
One Night Surprise (2013)
<b>One Night Surprise</b>: Michelle is an aspiring executive at a foreign advertising agency in China. She works extra hard every day and dreams about making Creative Supervisor. After a wild party for her 32nd birthday party, at which she got drunk and blacked out, she finds herself pregnant with absolutely no idea of who the father is. While trying to identify the father of her baby, Michelle finds herself caught between several attractive men: the cheerful and considerate Tony, the dreamy and sophisticated Bill, the youthful and athletic Jeb, and the extremely rich businessman Tiger Lu. The search quickly unravels into a stressful journey taking her to false hopes, heartbreaks, and above all, self-discovery...
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One Night Surprise (2013)
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