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japanese movies - adventure - ordered by this week's best ratings - starting with letter R - from 1900 to 2018:
Road in the Mist (1963)
aka: Yogiri no Joshu-Ji
the beautiful daughter of a feudal lord, discovers her true identity and leaves her lavish life behind to avenge her birth father's death. One of the best films from the vast library of Misora Hibari, the ever-popular singer actress who made a large number of movies for Toei in the late 1950's and early 1960's.

She teams up here with veteran stars Konoe Jushiro (best known for his roles as Yagyu Jubei in the Toei and Shochiku series THE YAGYU SECRET CHRONICLES) and Yamagata Isao, a longtime character actor (usually a villain-he's best known as the Governor in the third Baby Cart film BABY CART TO HADES). This thrilling film is loaded with action and surprises as Okinu must find her true path in life on the Road in the Mist.
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Road in the Mist (1963)
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